We started this with the dream and goal to educate others about multiculturalism and diversity.

Our Story About Us

Multi-Cultural Integration Australia (MCIA) was formed with a clear vision of creating and promoting, respect and understanding of all Australians from across the world.  Providing services for multicultural groups in Western Australia.

We aim to partner with other non-government not-for-profit organisations, including Community organisations, and with various Government agencies at local, State, and Federal level.

Our membership consists of individuals from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds settled in Australia and consider themselves Australian citizens. This includes members from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds.

Our Aim

Our aim is to bring awareness, tolerance, respect, appreciate and embrace cultural diversity and to promote and understand the unique cultural and ethnic heritage.

To enable to recognise, accept and celebrate the culture differences.

Our Purpose

Multicultural Awareness and integration of new Australians of all race, religion, gender and indigenous Australians.


Our purpose is to provide activities that the participants can understand, learn and embrace different cultural values and traditions.


Through participation of this event, not only will we break down racial barriers but improve individual confidence, communication and learning of other cultural traditions and their symbolic structures.


To Celebrate the different cultural heritage through promotion of fashion, dance and The Arts.


All participants are encouraged and assisted to display and showcase their cultural heritage, ethnicity and values. Multicultural Awareness and integration of new Australians of all race, religion, gender and indigenous Australians

We are proud Australians with different backgrounds of ethnicity and culture to unite as one through participation in an array of activities that MCIA provided.

Who are we Our Team

Nigel David

Vice President

Jade Roberts

FACE WA Models and Pageants Director

Hazel Lowe

FACE WA / MCIA Script Writer

Melody Rom

Assistant Treasurer

Suresh Rajan

Public Relation Officer

Adora Jane Bonadeo

Publicity officer MCIA